Tour Code: WEC006 Price: 2600 BahtTime: 08.30-17.30

This is a rare opportunity to live and work closely with elephants. You will be able to build a relationship and get a better insight in to their long term upkeep. You will stay with the elephants in their natural jungle habitat, an hours drive from Chiang Mai square.
The Elephant Retirement Park is located an hours drive outside of Chiang Mai city in Northern Thailand. The main focus of the park is to provide a safe and comfortable environment for elephants to live. Established at the beginning of 2014, visitors can enjoy a unique experience in caring for good natured and happy elephants where quality of life is of the upmost importance. The elephants suffer NO abuse and are not manipulated into entertaining guests. We believe it is a far greater experience seeing a baby elephant splashing around in a mud spa with it’s mother because it’s truly contented, than forcing elephants into unnatural activities for the amusement of on lookers.

The Elephant Retirement Park is not choreographed but a natural and rewarding experience where you can get to know the elephants by feeding, cleaning and bathing them. Visitors will also be able to learn about the herbal care and communication with elephants from the local Mahout people who stay with the elephants at the Park.
The founder of the park “Noi” will also make sure that you are looked after, providing all transport, chilled bottled water, great Thai food and the elephant experience of a life time

Highlights & Features:
The Elephant Retirement Park has been established to create a haven for retired elephants. Formally working in building yards, it is now illegal to use elephants for labor. This has drastically altered their function in Thai society.

The camp founder Adulwit Khamya (Noi) has created a sustainable habitat for the elephants to live in a safe and natural environment. Free from profiteering and neglect. At the Elephant Retirement Park family units are never separated and herbal medicines are used to keep the animals healthy and enjoy a better quality of life.
At the Elephant Retirement Park, we are proud of our strict policy on the treatment of our elephants. There is no riding or beating of any kind.

Morning: We will pick you up from hotel or guesthouse between 8:30 and 9.00 am. It is a one hour drive to the Elephant Retirement Park located in the Mae Tang countryside Upon arrival to the camp, you will meet the elephants and feed them fresh fruit or sugar cane. Learn about the elephant Maximums (the Asian elephant) and Loxodonta the Africana (the African elephant) and the differences between them. Next you’ll observe how the elephants bathe themselves in the mud spa. You have the opportunity to join in.
Lunch: A traditional Thai lunch.
Afternoon: Walk the elephants to the shower or down to the river for bathing time, wash and brush the elephants. Walk the elephants back to the camp and relax on the balcony with a drink enjoy the view and watch the elephants wonder the land. Return to the hotel between 17.00 -18.00 pm

This Tour Includes:
• Transportation
• Mahout training course
• Experienced guide (speaks English)
• Lunch, Drinking water
• Photography, Insurance
• Bananas and sugar cane for elephants.

What to Bring!!!
• Swimming Suite, Towel
• Personal medicine
• Sun Cream
• Changing clothes
• Walking shoes, sandals
• Insect repellent

Type: Join in tour

Duration: One day